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  • How do I make a reservation?
    To book an activity you can call us or send us a message on what's app at +506 8379 7673 and then to confirm the booking you have to come to our office to pay a part of the money so that the confirmation is validated.
  • How long does Sailing last?
    The Sailing lasts about 5 hours, we go to a beach called "Playa Huevos".
  • What do we do during Sailing ?
    Enjoy a wonderful day on the boat, eat gourmet food (light and fresh). Then we arrive at a beach only accessible by boat, at this point you can dive into the water and snorkel near the reefs to see the fish, then we return to Tamarindo having a sunset from the boat. An unforgettable moment !
  • What is the crocodile tour?
    The crocodile tour consists of spending the night in the estuary (on foot) and trying to see crocodiles in their natural habitat, a pure adrenaline rush and a unique experience!
  • How much time is during the crocodile tour ?
    The crocodile tour lasts about 1 hour, It happens in the middle of the night
  • What kind of fish can we catch for sport fishing ?
    For sport fishing, there is the possibility to catch : - black tuna - yellowfin tuna - mackerel tuna - snapper - mackerel - jack mackerel and further inland the marlin and sailfish are starting to come out.
  • Why have an accompanying sailor in fishing ?
    it is absolutely not something imposed but more an extra help for people who need help to do fishing.
  • How much time is during the canopy ?
    Generally the canopy lasts about 1h / 1h30. There are about 7 cables, 1 bongo jump and 1 suspension bridge.
  • Where is horseback riding?
    The horseback riding starts directly from our office and you leave for the beach of Tamarindo. The tour normally lasts 1 hour. For the health of the horses, the tours last only one hour in order not to exhaust them
  • What is the buggy tour?
    The Buggy tours allow you to do a full 4x4 route, passing through the jungle, small villages, rivers, etc.. The tour get you to experience 4x4 without having to worry about looking for roads to go, follow the guide on our route to make you discover the real 4x4 experience.
  • How long is the tours ?
    For our vehicles, there are two types of tours. the tour with the Polaris and the one with the Dune Buggy. The one with the Dune Buggy consists in making a small buggy ride on rather easy paths and passing by small villages. - it has a duration of approximately 40 minutes / 1 hour. The one with the Polaris is really made to take advantage 100% of the 4x4 and the unused roads, so this one will be much more eventful but in the smoothness of the comfort of the Polaris. This one is more focused on difficult access trails, rivers and going to the beach. - This tour lasts about 3/4 hours.
  • where does the tour go ?
    We have two buggy tours available: The Polaris tour which consists of starting from Tamarindo, going to Playa Avellanas, then Playa Negra, and then Playa Blanca. Then we go back to Tamarindo but only on very bad paths. Then we have the dune buggy tour, starting from Tamarindo. We pass by the back of Tamarindo to arrive to Villarreal, then to El Llanito, then passing by Santa Rosa to finally return to Tamarindo by the back again.
  • What kind of clothes to wear during a tour?
    Generally on tour you are advised to wear only clothes that you can get dirty. Because in any case you will end up either full of mud or full of dust. If we are in rainy season, it is preferable to have a plastic protecting from the rain. It is also recommended to drive with shoes
  • Do we drive on the beach ?
    No, unfortunately driving on the beach is not legal in Costa Rica. Heavy penalties can follow this infraction of the law. In the tours, we drive to the entrance of the beaches and we stop the vehicle for a while to enjoy the landscapes and places.
  • How do I make a reservation ?
    Generally we advise you to come to our office to reserve one day before the desired date. If you are lucky, you can try to come on the same day to do the tour but usually we need some preparation time for the vehicles
  • What are the tour schedules ?
    Generally there are two tours per day. - 09:00am - 02:00pm (there may also be more flexible times if there are no reservations)
  • How does the buggy/canopy combo work ?
    For the canopy/buggy combo we start with the buggy tour that goes to the canopy, you do the canopy and then we return by buggy to Tamarindo. The total duration of the tour is about 3 hours
  • How can we contact you ?
    You have several possibilities to contact us; You can check our social networks directly such as Instagram or Facebook at @splashbuggytour Otherwise to contact us directly, our number is available on what's app at +506 8379 7673
  • How to reserve ?
    Send us a message on what's app about which activity, tour, location, etc... you are interested in. Take your information and tell us what day you would be interested in doing, etc... However to validate your reservation, you must come to our office to charge you a part of the money (of the activity) in order to confirm to the team the reservation. *Generally the reservation amounts are worth about 20% of the total amount of the activity (depending on the activity)*
  • What form of payment is accepted?
    All forms of payment are accepted, be it cash, debit or credit card or PayPal as a last resort. Cryptocurrencies are not accepted in our office. *important to know, AMEX (American Express) credit cards do not work on credit card machines*.
  • Where are you located ?
    Our office is based in Tamarindo, Guanacaste (Costa Rica). We're in front of the "Jardin De Tamarindo". If you want to find us, please find bellow a link with the exact location of Splash Buggy Tour. Location (Waze) :
  • Some restrictions with the covid-19 ?
    In view of the current situation, we do not really have any particular restrictions. although it is always preferable to wash your hands well in all circumstances.
  • What language do you speak on site ?
    We speak French, English and Spanish. Not all the staff but on the whole yes
  • How do I reserve online ?
    To book online, it's very simple. We have links directly to the vehicle you want. Motorcycles : Side By Side : Golf Carts : ATV's :
  • Are there any deposits for the vehicles ?
    Yes, for each vehicle there is a security deposit that freezes on your credit card (the amount may vary depending on the vehicle) between $600 and $2000 (depend what models) in case of damage to the vehicle or any other inconvenience. After the vehicle is rented. Have a staff member inspect the vehicle, the money will be thawed. The money will be returned to your bank account within 1 day. However, for some banks, it takes about 1 week for the money to be returned to the account.
  • Is it allowed to drive on the beach ?
    The vehicle cannot drive on the beach, you can park a vehicle in front of the beach, but not on the beach. Anyone who tries to break this law will face heavy penalties because it is not legal in Costa Rica.
  • How to rent a side by side ?
    To rent a side by side you need to be at least 21 years old. You must have a credit card and also a driver's license. You must also have $950 on your credit card for the security deposit.
  • How far can I go with a side-by-side ?
    With a Side by Side, you can go anywhere you want. However, you have to take into account that long distances will be almost impossible to make because the vehicle is not made for that. Trips like Rio Celeste, Liberia, San José, etc... are absolutely not recommended, even forbidden. However, places such as Playa Flamingo, Playa Brasilito, Playa Grande, Playa Conchal, Hacienda Pinilla, Playa Negra, Potrero, and all these areas are totally exploitable without any problem!
  • What can't I do with a side-by-side?
    - Driving under the influence of alcohol or other products. - Allforms of dangerous behavior to persons, animals, or property. - Not respecting the rules of the road as defined by local Costa Rica law (ex. Speeding, Racing, Crossing Double-Yellow Line, Driving According to weather conditions, failure to obey trafic signsfights, etc...) - Intentionally skidding/siding/driting performing “doughnut” or otherwise aggressive driving behavior. - Subletting or loaning the UTV to another party not defined in the rental agreement. Splash Buggy Tour cannot be held responsible for unacceptable behaviors. Each of these actions will immediately stop the tour without refund, In the event of an accident, Splash Buggy Tour will not be hold liable in any way. Any ‘damage to the tour vehicle or any other involved vehicle/property, any injuries to you, your passenger(s), or any other person is your responsibility both financially and legally accordingly to Costa Rica law. The accident will be declared at the Tamarindo Police Station or the closest Police Station immediately following the incident. Under no circumstance can Splash Buggy Tour be hold responsible for your actions while ‘operating the vehicle and any dispute will be brought to the courts of Costa Rica and ruled by Costa Rica law.
  • What type of side-by-side do you rent ?
    At the side-by-side level, we have two choices; - Polaris RZR 570cc (2 seats) - Polaris RANGER 570cc (4 seats) Perfect to go where you want, moreover be seduced by the quality of Polaris which endures perfectly the roads of Costa Rica
  • What is the minimum rental time ?
    Vehicle rentals are only available in 24-hour increments.
  • Are the golf cart electric ?
    Generally yes, golf carts are fully electric and have acid batteries. However, some golf carts run on fuel.
  • How far can I go with a golf cart ?
    With a golf cart, you can only drive in the area of Tamarindo and Langosta, the limit is counted from the Auto-Mercado at the entrance of Tamarindo until Langosta. For all other locations such as Flamingo or Hacienda Pinilla, there will be shipping charges. And these will only have the possibility of moving to the same territory as the place of delivery.
  • What do I need to rent a golf cart ?
    To rent a golf cart, you must be over 18 years old, you also need a credit/debit card, a driver's license and fill out a rental contract.
  • how many people can get into a golf cart ?
    We have two options; - Golf cart 4 seats usually perfect for 2 to 4 people - Golf Cart 6 seats for groups of more than 4 people up to 6.
  • How do I charge my golf cart ?
    When you rent a golf cart, you have a battery charger directly integrated into the vehicle with an extension of about 5 meters to connect it more easily to any location. Nothing could be simpler, to charge a golf cart, just plug the extension into an outlet as if you were charging your phone. If you have a gas golf cart, you can go directly to some offices in Tamarindo that could sell you gas. *Warning, the electric golf cart can not charge more than 3 hours at the risk of heat extension that could cause a short circuit or worse, a fire *.
  • what is not allowed with the golf cart ?
    It is forbidden to attempt to climb a mountain or steep slope with an electric golf cart as it will not have the necessary strength to climb all the way to the top and may stop working. The golf cart is not a 4x4 vehicle (even if it could look like one). So any trip off the main road is strongly discouraged, because it doesn't take much to make a golf cart turn over. going outside of your designated area is not allowed any dangerous or illegal behavior according to the Costa Rican law is prohibited.
  • How works the transfers ?
    Transfers are made for groups of people wishing to travel in Costa Rica. We have availability to direct you to ; - Monteverde - Rio Celeste - San José - Liberia - Nicaragua - and much more... Possibility to go to important points, such as airports, cities or specific points like national parks, etc....
  • How works the Combo Tours ?
    The combo tours are a mix of all kinds of activities over long distances such as; - Hacienda Guachipelin (Liberia) - Cañon de la Vieja (Liberia) - National Park of Palo Verde (Bagaces) - Rio Celeste (National Park of Tenorio) - Buena Vista (Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja) - Nicaragua (San Juan Del Sur) The packages are a mix of activities on the same day, such as canopy, horseback riding, hiking, safari boat, thermals water, etc... so that you don't have to worry about the organization because everything is done so that you enjoy the most! After the activities are over, you will be treated to a fabulous typical meal. Then the bus that transports you will drop you off in Tamarindo.
  • What type of transportation is used for transfers?
    For transfers, just like combos tour. We use private minibuses with a capacity of about 8 to 10 people to travel in comfort to the destinations.
  • How can I reserve ?
    To book a combo tour or transfer, you usually have to come to our office at least 1 day before the day of your reservation to make a payment of a fragment of the total amount to confirm the reservation for the day of the reservation.
  • How many people are allowed in Transfers ?
    For transfers to more distant destinations, we use private buses to travel in the best comfort. We allow up to 9 people per bus (approximately). We have two buses so a maximum of 18 people (approx.). However, for transfers we need a minimum of 2 people to make a transfer.
  • Where do the dives take place ?
    The dives take place on Isla Las Catalinas, The Catalinas Islands are one of the best places to go scuba diving in all of Costa Rica. There are several dive sites around these islands that protrude from the Pacific in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The islands are a good distance from the shore and are home to the giant Pacific mantas, among other marine species. If you visit Costa Rica with the intention of scuba diving, you can't miss the Catalina Islands. Besides the giant Pacific mantas, we frequently see sharks, turtles, eels and huge schools of fish.
  • Who is the diving instructor ?
    The diving instructor's name is Chris, he comes straight from Switzerland. He has one of the best experiences you can find here in Costa Rica, he is one of the best in his field and he is passionate about it too. Instructor's PADI number: #319 553
  • Can I dive if I have no experience ?
    Absolutely, we have the "Discover Scuba Diving" which allows people with no certifications or experience. To be able to dive in order to discover the diving under oxygen tank. But before that, we do a briefing in the pool before to teach all the gestures, habits, etc... to do underwater.
  • What should I choose if I already have certifications ?
    If you already have certifications and experiences, we advise you to do the "Fun Dive". This is an option for people who already have experience in this field. You have two different dives on the island of Las Catalinas.
  • Do I need to take any equipment with me ?
    If you have equipment with you, yes, why not, but we usually provide all the equipment to people.
  • Is there any food on the boat ?
    Yes, small sandwiches will be available on the boat. We do not offer strong dishes to avoid having a full stomach for the second dive.
  • Are there any drinks available on the boat ?
    Yes, we offer softs on board. No type of alcohol is provided.
  • Can I get a certification or continue with the grades ?
    Yes, it is quite possible for an inexperienced person who has no experience and someone who on the contrary has all the experience can continue his PADI evolution. A newcomer will have to do his Open Water while the rest are just another step to go to the next step.
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